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Types of Terrazzo

Epoxy/thin-set epoxy: Thin and durable; ideal for commercial or residential settings. Polyacrylate: Breathable material that uses small chips. Ideal for outdoor use. Sand cushion: Wire enforced, heavy; ideal for high-traffic areas. Monolithic: Lightweight and affordable; ideal indoors for schools, malls, and busy areas. Bonded: Thin and heavy. Professional install recommended. Limited colors and sizes. Rustic: Outdoor installation. Rough surface is slip resistant; ideal for pools and patios.

What is the use Splendor Whiting Chemical Powder

Whiting Powder is used as a filler pigment to increase the coverage of paints, coating and whitewash, as well as used to remove fingerprints from glass after performing window work

What is a grit stone?

Small hard particles of sand, earth, stone, etc

What is the use of Terrazo

is used for flooring, base, walls, stair treads, countertops, and other custom products.